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About Roger

Roger with Harris and Mark at the NBTF event

Roger was an eleven-year survivor of a brain tumor, and for those eleven years stressed how important research is. It is as a result of research that his protocol allowed him to survive for that length of time - and it was his hope to help others survive as well, by his family's continued support of the National Brain Tumor Society's efforts via the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk, an annual event held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit here for our Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk fund-raising page. Visit here for some of our favorite pictures of us at the event.

What's that got to do with Pirates?

Roger was a man known for his sense of humor. He would have gotten a chuckle out of us running around in Pirate costumes at the fund-raising events, calling ourselves Team Jolly Rogers for his name's sake. At least, we sure hope so.

So, What's the Hook?

Glad you asked. We started out selling our dangly bits as a way of raising money to donate to the National Brain Tumor Society. Now, in our seventh year of this, we're going to do it again. 50% of the proceeds of the sale of dangly bits goes toward this most worthy of causes.

Where can I find out more information about Brain Tumors?

Visit the folks at the National Brain Tumor Society at their site, www.braintumor.org. Then, get involved.

How can I donate?

Take this link.

How else can I help?

Buy something. Yarrr!