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'Ware ye timid of heart... we'll be showin' pictures of dangly bits hereabouts. Ye'll be amazed. Now would be the time to pull up that chair and pour a tad bit o' somthin' soothin'... settle back and enjoy the show... and allow us to tout our wares. Once ye've seen what's we has to offer, we be thinkin' ye'll establish a need to seek us out and perhaps even partake of a modicum of our offerings. When we knows where we'll be, then ye'll be knowin', to boot.

Note: A comb-clip is included with every purchase, for the purpose of attaching said dangly bit to your hair.

Note #2: 50% of the proceeds of the sale of Dangly-Bits goes to the National Brain Tumor Society as part of our donation in our annual fund raising walk. Check out the Why page for more information about that.

Note #3: Buy more. Arrr!

Hold on, what's that again?

Be sure to check out our faire schedule so you can find us and (hopefully) BUY from us. And of course you can ask about our Custom Orders.

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Thank you for your patience in traveling all the way to the bottom of the page. Did we mention that we do Custom Orders?